Advanced Tariff Plans

Depending on the OPTION package you buy, Advanced Tariff Plans entitle you for a one-time 3% … 7% discount ticket for one of our Legal Services , one student’s drone of your own (for Option E only) and from 2 to 5 free classes (for you and your dates) at our Drone Flying School . This discount tiket remains valid during one year from the date of your full payment of the value of the Top Tariff Plan.

Option C:    $5000 up – front paid fee

This Option includes:

  • Same as above “OPTION A”, with the amount of women your coach brings to you : Total sets (day count) spent with coach: 15 (whichever event happens first);
  • Brief introductory couching by local Ukrainian pick-up artist. Subjects: how to avoid getting scammed in Ukraine. Usual scamming tricks applied by local women. Men’s approach disappointing and impressing an average Ukrainian woman;
  • Brief introductory couching by an American expat spent 11 years in Ukraine, who’s been married to a Ukrainian, is still residing in Kiev, and involved in Kiev’s social life in Kiev. Features profound knowledge of Ukrainian women psycology issues, studied pick-up, singing Ukrainian songs, dancing;
  • 3 tickets for entry to our women amusement facility with your prospect girl and up to two her female friends (drinks, food not included);
  • one session with our psychic advisor to consult you on how well you might match with the dates you have made with our help. Using this chance, fell free to ask any kind of questions you might have in mind;
  • one week free “dating sites agent service” (on only ONE of top 3 Ukrainian dating sites);



As you can see, we are not selling you “air”: those questionable “virtual database” girls, some of whom might well turn out to be serial scammers, rotating in the database for years and taking advantage of being well entertained by foreigners for years.  We offer you not only our real work, but also well – established meet-up and amusement infrastructure!


Discount / Bonuses Program:

  • Bring to us 5 of your friends before we strike a deal and get a 5 % off the bill or 10% worth of your ticked value in our additional services! /consult discount values for bringing less than 5/.
  • Bring to us 5 of your friends after you are done with our service and get a 3% refund of your ticket value of your ticked value. Or get 7% worth in our additional services (only after at least two of them purchase any of our service packages).

Note: only one or the other of the above discount works!

  • Up to 10% worth of our additional service for guys who might be considered as “stunners”;
  • Assurance to go for up to additional 3 more sets (day counts) in case a proof that you have not had any luck with any of those 20 women found earlier;
  • if you are unsure to pay us that first $5000, you can pay only $3000 in advance. Balancing up with another $2000 on the 11th woman you’re getting at your table. Be more friendly to your wing man, as this considered as his favor to you!
  • Feel free to bring up your own discount suggestions, we are flexible!


Disagree? Want a better bargain? – Call/Viber Us:  Click!


Option D:    $7000 down payment fee:

The tariff covers services range in between of Option C and Option E, upon additional arrangement.



Option E:    $9000 down payment.

Women in Ukraine are spoiled with overabundant attention from men. There are many rich local Ukrainian men, whose wealth rolls well over that of an average foreigner arriving to Kiev. And our women are very well immune against bullshit compliments and promises. In other words, Ukrainian women are very hard to surprise, even though not all of them are gold diggers. If your ambitions are stretching far beyond modest expectation of women beauty, this tariff plan is for you, as it offers maximum extraordinary women amusement options, that will seem unique to local women!

The tariff covers:

  • all services described in “Option C”;
  • instruction by our experienced Californian pick-up master, professional singer, dancer and entertainer (expat who spent 10 years in Ukraine, was married to a Ukrainian and knows Ukrainian women psychology and tricks);
  • full involvement to our “man club” of Canadian and American friends and agency affiliates. Thereby, you are becoming a member of our expat community here, in Ukraine. When our client, you will never feel yourself a stranger around us, arriving to Ukraine just like you’re coming to another city in America!
  • two times a week access to our “women amusement” facility, equipped with, to impress your women (not only the ones we brought to you, but also those you already know of and want to impress). This is a very powerful feature, as Ukrainian women have seen nearly everything and are way too hard to impress!
  • three possible sessions with our psychic advisor to consult you on how well you might match with the dates you have made with our help. Using this chance, fell free to ask any kind of questions you might have in mind;
  • limited access to a database of pre – interviewed women willing to get married to a foreigner;
  • two weeks free “dating sites agent service” on two of Ukraine’s top dating sites.

For newly-arriving from abroad:

  • Pick-up at the Borispol airport in Kiev, Ukraine;
  • Transfer to our apartment for two nights stay while looking around in Kiev;

For clients residing in Kiev, Ukraine:

  • one additional entertainment party with your woman in our luxury karaoki pary – place in Kiev;



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