Our Amusement Facilities in Kiev

Our amusement facilities available for our “Advanced Tariff” clients enable them to enjoy full (or limited, depending on the plan chosen) access to our additional services that can be smartly used to further affirm woman’s positive impression about you.


women amusement

Our Main Facility For Hosting Private Parties For Your Dates


As part of our pick – up and match making services we offer you an exclusive chance to present youself to a woman in a unique, extraordinary way.  This, I wold say is the MOST critical part on the earliest stages of winning interest with that girl of your interest. Ukrainian women has seen it all about men! They are hard to surprize. They are bored and irritated when aproached in streets, bars, online chats! You’ve got to be having there that couple of spare tricks to present to a woman while she is still listening you during that casual meet up that you might have during the pick – up process.

“Bullshit!”   – many will say! Ukrainian women are easily accessible and abandontlyl available in all those bars, night clubs,  in streets! -Well, yes, this is also correct! There are many of those smily and friendly alluring hotties out there. But you are smart enought to realize, those are gold diggers or even worse: hight maintenance girls, that will drain you out within one – three months, then leaving you totally in love, broken heart and little money left in your pockets! Are you looking for this kind of “potential wife”? If yes, leave our website, as you do not need our services, scammers will find your first!    🙂

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But, if you are still with us, reading this page, then you do understand, that our service described here is a hart work in a fight to win over attention of pristine Ukrainian women, who originally are NOT looking for foreigners and their deep pockets! Or, at least those, who feature that basic comprehension of men’ role of being a financial supporter, but not an object for ongoing scam.

We are constantly imporving our amusement tools for your disposal to surprise your date, among those we offer:

  • private karaoke and disco place for one-on-one or small group parivate parties;
  • native American singer, dancer, entertainer and professional pick – up master, with over 10 years of experience of winning Ukrainian women’s attention;
  • by applying for our “Advanced Tariffs”, your are becoming a part of our expat community, you share intelligence with those who’s already been around. Besides, your date can see, that you are not alone here, you are respected within your community and this further elevates your status in front of her;
  • we have our own drone flying school which has been in operation for already two years. Some girls will LOVE to be offered something different (like to go fly a drone), rather than mere “let’s go drink beer in a pub!”  Besides, it is also economical for your, bringing your expenditures low on that day without the need to be covering her bills.


Our women entertainment facility, featuring: karaoke, sauna, start sealing, discoteck, bar. You are invited to come around and check it out, as the video will not give you that in – deapth magic feeling that you would grant to your date when visiting us. See on the video below: just a quick working tour when guests are not yet around:

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