Database Women

We provide contact information for women willing to find a foreigner for marriage.

Tariff Plan Options

Plan A)  Same tariff as those widely quoted from thousands of other Ukrainian marriage agencies:  from $100 to $200 per a contact, depending on quality of a woman of your interest. Plan B)  Fixed rate of $7500 paid up front for a “life guarantee” service. Which means, that regardless of the outcome of your first (or second) try with women that we provide, we will keep sending you contacts of women of your choice until you finally succeed. We provide this service in partnership with Match Garanty agency, so you can go agead with us or go dealing with them. If you process this tariff with us, you are provided an additional bonus of one free coaching from our agency, which is not provided by Match Guaranty. Apart from this, all the other terms and conditions with us or with them are identical. Providing contact information out of a database is not quite the main focus of our business, though.  Yes, women in the database are easy to choose and meet, because they play by the agency rules. There are some consideration, though for you to take note of before choosing this option though:

Risks Implied When Choosing to Go Ahead With The Database Women Option

We are a community of predominantly Americans and Canadians here, who has lived in Ukraine for already a sertain time – period, and yes, many (I would say ALL) our community members got scammed with local women! Even though the database candidates undergo rigorous pre – selection test, there are many scammers among those rotating in the databases of all Ukrainian agencies. The scammers circulate for years, taking advantage of foreigners trying to impress them with their generosity and gentle approach. As a result: you keep spending your money on and on, yet you might never win. As those database beauties will never choose either you, or any other guy. It is not beneficial for them. Only because this has already become their established way of living: receiving gifts from you, taking advantage of your generosity and hopes. In our agency, we call it SCAM!  And it is because of this reason, the focus and service of our agency is pick – up service of pristine women that you just spot in a street or a bar. This is your unquestionable guarantee with our agency to have a better service, as there is no inherent set up involved in what we offer! Needless to mention, such women are way much harder to find and win over their attention! Which brings our work at the agency much harder than just selling those database residents, abusing your trust and hopes! This justifies our higher “per – head” tariffs for our pick up services described in our other Tariff Plan sections of our website. But you receive service of a much higher quality and enjoy guaranteed economy or not buying gifts and not covering the bills of those scam girls you will surely meet among those gorgeous “database candidates”. You will pay more “per – head” tariff rate to us, but your enjoy obtaining much more work from our pick-up artist, who is becoming your wing man and advisor on how to go about that or the other women and that economy of not bearing extra expenses those scam dates!  

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