Dating Site Agent Tariff Plan

This is a very effective, yet simple plan with only $1 payable per each message been sent on your behalf  to your prospects on Ukraine’s top three dating sites.

Unlike the “Advanced” and “Top Service” tariff plans, this Tariff Plans does NOT provision any discount tickets for our Legal Services .

This tariff provides you with:

– a pre – agreed amount of messages sent out to women of your potential interest and on your behalf. This counts for both: messages sent to new contacts (women of your interest according to the parameters you filled out in the application chart), and replies being sent on your behalf to your earlier established contacts. The better you are going with the old contacts, the lesser amount of new contacts we will be making for you, and vice versa. Therefore, depending on the stats we provide you in our feedback, it will be up to you whether to increase or cut your monthly budget allocated for this service;

A success fee of $200 is charged if you meet up with the girl;

A success fee of $200 is charged if the girl reports to us she ends up dating with you;

A success fee of $500 is charged if the girl reports to us she is getting married to you in case you are not our client signed up for one of our “basic pick-up tariff plans”, or only $1000 charged from those, who are members of our community signed up for our $5000 or higher tariff plan!

Therefore, we believe this particular service to be extremely attractive ADD-ON service for those of our community members already signed for one of our main tariff plans.

A one-time $10 fee is charged for the proper creation of each of your profiles in Ukrainian local best dating site (we suggest we allocate your information on at least 3 Ukrainian best dating sites).

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Why Should I Use Your Service?

One might ask himself “why bother paying for something I can well do on my own?”.  Well, we’ll explain:
–  you will lose power of 3 more, learning yourself how to go about all the local scammers. Read corresponding articles, study YouTube, let us refer you to those foreigners who got scammed in Ukraine many times, before they finally turned for our help!

  • Our agent will manage much quicker and more effective getting around that next fake or gold digger on a dating site. So, why would you bother spending months of your hopes and expectations, when we can do this in a matter of a few days of correspondence on your behalf, charging you for only 20 – 50 messages sent out before a potential scammer get exposed?
  • Уou might well be a pick-up master yourself, when your own country and your mother language are concerned. But, in our realities, we believe, our agent will be way more effective, getting you your date the fastest way possible!
  • When our agent succeeds turning your prospect into a date, he will automatically become your virtual (or actual) wing man on your date. This is the best help one could dream of, taking into account, that 80% newbie foreigners in Ukraine get scammed on their first dates! Our agent (your wing man) will immediately screen a scammer right during your date. You have to only drop him a message, briefly describing what’s happening on your date, and you will immediately get the right instruction how to be on the safe side. From our experience: even our partnering American coaches, spent here a decade of years, sometimes ask for our (locals) advice on how to deal with that or the other situation with a local woman.

Not sure yet if you still need our help?  -Ask for contacts of your fellowmen to find out THEIR scam stories and then welcome back to our agency!



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