Life and Business Protection

We are your “go – to agency” on all stages of your entry and living in Ukraine, as our one service melts into another:

lawyer advocacy on legal issues, preparation of official documents;
resolving child adoption, refugee & immigration legal issues;
legal services and comprehensive support of your living in Ukraine: corporate establishment, personal and economic legal protection.
We provide professional legal service in Ukraine on the following issues:

Corporate Establishment Registration. Liquidation of Businesses With Debts

Want to incorporate your business in Ukraine? Need a professional business coach on doing business on the territory of the CIA countries? Interested to get integrated into the business life in Kiev?

doing business in Ukraine

Well, we’ve got a very good news for you: we are a member of “Ukrainian Business Owner’s Assiciation” and can help you get into our community and even raise finances for your new business in Ukraine!

Among our partner group, there are engineering design agencies, business coaches holding PhD degree, private investors and joint funds!

  • introduction to the business world or Ukraine;
  • corporate establishment in Ukraine and preparation of all legal docoments (articles of incorporation) ;
  • legal protection at all stages of your business development in Ukraine.

We develop paperworks for registration of corporate establishment or liquidation for companies with one or many owners, including notary services, lieflets preparation, payment of all forms of duties to the State, preparation of documents for opening bank accounts.
Solving merger and acquisition, reorganization, liquidation issues.

Corporate and Economic Protection in Ukraine

Attorney Certificate: Corporate and Economic Protection.


Marriage Dispute Resolutions

Needless to mention, there is lot of scam going on at all stages of inter-personal relationship, especially when it gets down to marriage and immigration issues. Being a part of a community of foreigners, we are very well aware of all the range of issues arising between Ukrainian women and foreigners when potential marriage is concerned. The better you are prepared, the sooner you pay attention to the legal part of the issue, the better you are protected against all possible negative consequences of finding that “woman of your dream” in Ukraine. And we are just up there, to not only find you a woman, but also to make you immune against any type of inherent potential dangers. Be it the threat of conning you out of money or ripping you of your lands and property – we are here to protect you from the very beginning.
Choose working with best prepared agency!
We will help you with:

  • Proper preparation of marriage contacts;
  • Taking care of divorce issues and procedures;
  • Property division;
  • Development of maintenance contracts;
our National Attorney Association Certificate

National Attorney Association Certificate.

Immigration Issues. Adoption

Working hand – in – hand with the immigration service of Ukraine, our lawyers can quickly process for you issues related to adoption of children or re – claiming documents for Ukrainian – born children and adults relocated abroad. For example, obtaining a copy of Ukrainian (renewing) birth certificates while living abroad is a very delicate and complicated issue, solved by our agency within 3-4 work days, regardless of which city of Ukraine you will need the documents to be claimed and processed at.

Certificate on Immigration and refugee legal issues

Immigration and refugee legal issues.


Complex Corporate Legal Services

Filing & addressing claims, developing local and international contracts, representing or accompanying you in negotiations, solving enforcement procedures and other types of legal corporate services;

Land Allocation & Land – Related Disputes

Processing any types of land – related documents, including agricultural and construction land issues.

Individual & Corporate Protection in Criminal Proceedings

We will accompany you during prejudicial investigation and in court. We provide services of working out papers for the Commission of Pardons of the Presidential Administration or other government institutions.

Certificate on Individual Clients Legal Protection

Individual Clients Legal Protection

Tax Disputes of Any Nature

Tax consulting and optimization, preparation of appeals against decisions of tax inspectorates. On your behalf, we will represent you in Ukrainian Tax Administration offices, helping you find smooth solutions to questionable issues.

Other Service Handling

All sorts of issues related to Ukrainian employment regulations; bankruptcy, representation and participation in court hearings of all jurisdictions, etc.


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