Top Service Tariff Plan

Option F:    $13000 down payment.


Full-stack service, including:

  • Top -Service Tariff Plan provisions for you a one-time 7% … 15% discount ticket for one of our Legal Services , two free student drones of your own (one for you, one for your date), and up to 15 free classes (for you and your dates) at our Drone Flying School . This discount tiket lasts for one year from the date of your full payment of the value of the Top Tariff Plan.
  • all service and discount range stipulated in “Option E” described in our “Advanced Tariff Plans” section;
  • 5 days a week entry to our women amusement facility with your new dates. This option provides for two possible options:
  1. an exclusive private “one-to-one” date with your prospect (only you and her, with some service served provided by an entertainer);
  2. an improvised mini – party for you, in a natural and friendly environment of few friends, making in comfortable for your date (some women do not like staying “face – to – face” with a poorly – known man and feel themselves securer when there are some friends around, but we will give you some privacy, getting the party arranged not in a public place;
  • several pick-up strolls accompanied by status elevating smart and mature escort women consisting of one/two EX top-models 182-186 cm tall (plus high heels);
  • up to 5 consulting sessions with the two of our psychic advisor (gifted and experienced fortune-tellers, whose credentials confirmed even by some of our competitors. Our psychic adviser consulted other marriage agencies, and now are the full – time partners with our agency;
  • access to a database of pre – interviewed women willing to get married to a foreigner;
  • ordered search through several women databases (both options: our database and the database of our partners) and pre-interviewing women based on your requirements.


With this “full – stack” service pack, you are provided with all possible options, namely:

  • meet “regular” pristine Ukrainian women during street/bar/theater pickup sessions;
  • select women from a pre-selected database;
  • proceed impressing your dates at our exclusive extraordinary amusements place and with our help (live American singer, dance classes, private karaoke);
  • estimate your future chances, running your prospects through tests with our psychic consultants;
  • one month free “dating sites agent service”;
  • get from us several additional “bonus” dates in case you got disappointed with those we already found for you and later you got disappointed with afterwards.

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Note: We have no rented offices: we are real, for our every-day operations we utilize our own luxury private parties place and dancing studio incorporated in Kiev, Ukraine.



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