mechanical engineer and designer

Machine – building exhibition: Verona, Italy, 2008  ☞ ☞

Welcome to our small experimental engineering and design bureau! 

I am Vladislav, the owner and founder of UkrTechnoServis LLC – a trading and experimental manufacturing company here, in Kiev, Ukraine. The foundation for our bureau was laid in the early 2005th. I posses an engineering degree in metallurgy and spent the last decade running variable small start – ups. I have a business education, I am also the author of some English-language research economic articles written for American investors. Our team members passed education at machine – building sites in: Belgium,  Austria,   Italy,   China. During the establishment process, our bureau passed fascinating paths in different engineering and production areas including: thermal – chemical treatment of steel, electrician and micro electronic engineering, sheet steel bending technologies, welding of cast iron and non – ferrous alloys, writing control applications in Java Script and C++.

Who Makes Use of Our Engineering Services

  • start-up managers, enthusiasts, programmers who have their own idea, which they wish to embody in a material form;
  • workshops, fabricators that do not have their own design department (development of technological, processing equipment, machine-tool construction, automation, robotics);
  • Start-ups lacking capital. We will help you raise funding, provide your project turns out to be interesting to our foreign investors.

How Machines are Designed

In the arsenal of our design team, there are specialists bearing certificates for metal forming, electronics, hydraulics. Please, find bellow a few examples of our previous engineering designs. We have tried to pick only those, most different from one another, and for variable industrial applications: general steel hardware, industrial process equipment and CNC machines:  

Project examples

Processing, manufacturing equipment and tools:


Heating, heat engineering, robotization, bending technologies:

Engineering and design of HYDRO – PRESS equipment:

Silo and hopper designs:

  • Hoppers (3-D model) for: wide range of granular and powder materials. Parameters of the real hopper in the picture: capacity 160m3; bolted assembly design.
  • Machines with the usage of cast steel and iron:

    Engineering equipment and foundry models, casting technology for steel and cast iron using LGM technology:
  • Heavy duty rotary machines in welded and cast execution mock assembly. Video in production (mocks for casting stainles steel and iron);
  • Stainless heavy duty auger conveyor with reinforced bearing units.

Chronology landmarks

In 2003 – the beginning of cooperation with the Italian manufacturing holding WAMGROUP. In 2012 – the creation of an experimental chemical and electronic laboratory, as well as an experimental mechanical workshop for the development of technological solutions in mechanical engineering, chemical and thermal processing of steels (obtaining decorative oxide films), works in the field of electronics and automation: (automation boxes, electronic controllers); In 2016, our team was involved in setting a World speed record first set in Boneville, USA (video). A video about our involvement was released in 2018: